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The CRNs for eCore courses are available at your affiliate institution.

For course descriptions and syllabi by instructor please click here.

Course Prefix Number Section Title Semester
COMM 1100 06G Human Communications 3 Keith Perry
ENGL 1102 10G English Composition II 3 Mary Lamb
ENGL 2111 09G World Literature I 3 Heather Murray
ENGL 2132 04G American Literature II 3 Barbara Warren
ENVS 2202 03G Environmental Science 3 Mark "Randy" Spaid
ETEC 1101 01G Electronic Tech in the Ed Enviro 2 Barbara McKenzie
HIST 1111 11G World History I 3 Michael Kirkland
HIST 2111 09G U.S. History I 3 Keith Pacholl
MATH 1113 05G Pre-calculus 3 Eze Nwaogu
PSYC 1101 07G Intro to Psychology 3 Jason Garofalo
SOCI 1101 07G Intro to Sociology 3 Tiffany Parsons

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