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Course Section Title Semester
Credit Hours
COMM 110050GHuman Communication3staff
COMM 110051GHuman Communication3staff
ENGL 110150GEnglish Composition I3staff
ENGL 110151GEnglish Composition I3staff
ENGL 110250GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110251GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110252GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110253GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 211150GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211151GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211152GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211153GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211250GWorld Literature II3staff
ENGL 211251GWorld Literature II3staff
ENGL 213150GAmerican Literature I3staff
ENGL 213151GAmerican Literature I3staff
ENGL 213250GAmerican Literature II3staff
ENVS 220250GEnvironmental Science3staff
ENVS 220251GEnvironmental Science3staff
ETEC 110150GElec Tech in the Classroom2staff
HIST 111150GWorld History I3staff
HIST 111151GWorld History I3staff
HIST 111152GWorld History I3staff
HIST 111153GWorld History I3staff
HIST 111250GWorld History II3staff
HIST 111251GWorld History II3staff
HIST 211150GU.S. History I3staff
HIST 211151GU.S. History I3staff
HIST 211152GU.S. History I3staff
HIST 211153GU.S. History I3staff
MATH 110150GIntro to Mathematical Modeling3staff
MATH 110151GIntro to Mathematical Modeling3staff
MATH 111150GCollege Algebra3staff
MATH 111151GCollege Algebra3staff
MATH 111350GPrecalculus3staff
MATH 111351GPrecalculus3staff
MATH 140150GIntro to Statistics3staff
MATH 140151GIntro to Statistics3staff
MATH 150150GCalculus I4staff
MATH 150151GCalculus I4staff
MUSC 110050GMusic Appreciation3staff
MUSC 110051GMusic Appreciation3staff
PHIL 201050GIntro to Philosophy3staff
PHIL 201051GIntro to Philosophy3staff
POLS 110150GAmerican Government3staff
POLS 110151GAmerican Government3staff
POLS 110152GAmerican Government3staff
POLS 110153GAmerican Government3staff
PSYC 110150GIntro to General Psychology3staff
PSYC 110151GIntro to General Psychology3staff
SOCI 110150GIntroduction to Sociology3staff
SOCI 110151GIntroduction to Sociology3staff
SPAN 200150GIntermediate Spanish I3staff
SPAN 200151GIntermediate Spanish I3staff
SPAN 200250GIntermediate Spanish II3staff
SPAN 200251GIntermediate Spanish II3staff
*Assigned instructor subject to change as needed.