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Credit Hours
ARTS 110050GArt Appreciation3David Babb
ARTS 110051GArt Appreciation3Perry Kirk
COMM 110050GHuman Communication3Paul Raptis
COMM 110051GHuman Communication3Cynthia Stevens
COMM 110052GHuman Communication3Nancy Carr
COMM 110053GHuman Communication3Tina Burney
ENGL 110150GEnglish Composition I3Frank Williams
ENGL 110151GEnglish Composition I3Marissa McNamara
ENGL 110152GEnglish Composition I3Carrie McWhorter
ENGL 110250GEnglish Composition II3Andrew DiNicola
ENGL 110251GEnglish Composition II3Joseph "Joe" Milford
ENGL 110252GEnglish Composition II3Lisa Mallory
ENGL 110253GEnglish Composition II3Stephanie Hollenbeck
ENGL 110254GEnglish Composition II3Jason Dew
ENGL 110255GEnglish Composition II3Wendy Grisham
ENGL 110256GEnglish Composition II3Matthew Sherling
ENGL 110257GEnglish Composition II3Kristi Dudley
ENGL 211150GWorld Literature I3Phillip Mitchell
ENGL 211151GWorld Literature I3Barbara Warren
ENGL 211152GWorld Literature I3Angela Insenga
ENGL 211153GWorld Literature I3Doug Thomson
ENGL 211250GWorld Literature II3Diana Edelman
ENGL 211251GWorld Literature II3Austin Riede
ENGL 213150GAmerican Literature I3Gwendolyn Harold
ENGL 213151GAmerican Literature I3Cyndy Hall
ENGL 213250GAmerican Literature II3Todd Hoffman
ENVS 220250GEnvironmental Science3Irene Kokkala
ENVS 220251GEnvironmental Science3Hannes Gerhardt
ETEC 110150GElectronic Technology in the Classroom3Barbara McKenzie
HIST 111150GWorld History I3Andrew Reeves
HIST 111151GWorld History I3staff
HIST 111152GWorld History I3Charlotte Miller
HIST 111153GWorld History I3Victoria Hightower
HIST 111250GWorld History II3Erik Love
HIST 111251GWorld History II3Edward "Ted" Butler
HIST 111252GWorld History II3Lisa Seibert
HIST 111253GWorld History II3Harry Akoh
HIST 211150GU.S. History I3Matthew Zimmerman
HIST 211151GU.S. History I3Jennifer Welch Egas
HIST 211152GU.S. History I3Peter Mastopoulos
HIST 211153GU.S. History I3Marshall Abuwi
HIST 211154GU.S. History I3Toni Alexis Carter
HIST 211155GU.S. History I3Lou Brackett
MATH 110150GIntroduction to Math Modeling3Lila Roberts
MATH 110151GIntroduction to Math Modeling3Penny Hidalgo
MATH 111150GCollege Algebra3Suzie Lusk
MATH 111350GPrecalculus3Agegnehu Atena
MATH 111351GPrecalculus3Avijit Kar
MATH 140150GIntroduction to Statistics3Gregory Knofczynski
MATH 140151GIntroduction to Statistics3Karen Watson
MATH 150151GCalculus I3Patcharin Tragoonsirisak-Marion
MUSC 110050GMusic Appreciation3Mark Laughlin
MUSC 110051GMusic Appreciation3Jeff Kluball
MUSC 110052GMusic Appreciation3Harry Nelson
MUSC 110053GMusic Appreciation3Slava Prudchenko
PHIL 201050GIntroduction to Philosophy3William Harper
PHIL 201051GIntroduction to Philosophy3Brett E. Hackett
PHIL 201052GIntroduction to Philosophy3Joseph Johnson
POLS 110150GAmerican Government3Maria Albo
POLS 110151GAmerican Government3Baogang Guo
POLS 110152GAmerican Government3Sheikh Drammeh
POLS 110153GAmerican Government3Joseph "Joe" Trachtenberg
POLS 110154GAmerican Government3Austin Janowski
POLS 110155GAmerican Government3Daniel Baracskay
PSYC 110150GIntroduction to General Psychology3Antoinette Miller
PSYC 110151GIntroduction to General Psychology3Kathryn Henderson
PSYC 110152GIntroduction to General Psychology3Kimberly Mannahan
PSYC 110153GIntroduction to General Psychology3J. Sean Callahan
SOCI 110150GIntroduction to Sociology3Vivienne Wood
SOCI 110151GIntroduction to Sociology3Thomas Dailey
SOCI 110152GIntroduction to Sociology3Wayne Koye Korbl
SOCI 110153GIntroduction to Sociology3Angela Brodsky
SPAN 200150GIntermediate Spanish I3Dennis Miller
SPAN 200151GIntermediate Spanish I3Myung Sylvia Choi
SPAN 200250GIntermediate Spanish II3Tiffany Haymore
*Assigned instructor subject to change as needed.
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