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Course Section Title Semester
Credit Hours
COMM 110080GHuman Communications3Paul Raptis
COMM 110081GHuman Communications3Elizabeth Desnoyers-Colas
COMM 110082GHuman Communications3Stephanie Lahnala
COMM 110083GHuman Communications3Allison Bailey
ENGL 110180GEnglish Composition I3Mary Lamb
ENGL 110181GEnglish Composition I3Amanda Shoemake
ENGL 110182GEnglish Composition I3Michael Lewis
ENGL 110183GEnglish Composition I3Elisabeth "Elisa" Johnson
ENGL 110184GEnglish Composition I3Marissa McNamara
ENGL 110280GEnglish Composition II3Wendy Grisham
ENGL 110281GEnglish Composition II3Stephanie Hollenbeck
ENGL 110282GEnglish Composition II3Frank Williams
ENGL 110283GEnglish Composition II3Jason Dew
ENGL 110284GEnglish Composition II3Ebony Gibson
ENGL 110285GEnglish Composition II3Jamie Barker
ENGL 110286GEnglish Composition II3Lisa Mallory
ENGL 211180GWorld Literature I3Barbara Goodman
ENGL 211181GWorld Literature I3Clay Morton
ENGL 211182GWorld Literature I3Barbara Warren
ENGL 211183GWorld Literature I3Karmen Lenz
ENGL 211280GWorld Literature II3Paul Wise
ENGL 211281GWorld Literature II3Diana Edelman-Young
ENGL 213180GAmerican Literature I3Gwendolyn Harold
ENGL 213181GAmerican Literature I3Timothy Whelan
ENGL 213182GAmerican Literature I3Amy Berke
ENGL 213280GAmerican Literature II3Jim Cope
ENVS 220280GEnvironmental Science3Annabelle McKie-Voerste
ENVS 220281GEnvironmental Science3Irene Kokkala
ENVS 220282GEnvironmental Science3Vasanta Chivukula
ENVS 220283GEnvironmental Science3Victor Esenabhalu
ETEC 110180GElectronic Technology in Classroom2Barbara McKenzie
HIST 111180GWorld History I3Larry Israel
HIST 111181GWorld History I3Victoria Hightower
HIST 111182GWorld History I3Michael Proulx
HIST 111183GWorld History I3Charles Trey Wilson
HIST 111184GWorld History I3Frank Winters
HIST 111185GWorld History I3Eugene "Bo" Slack
HIST 111280GWorld History II3Michael Kirkland
HIST 111281GWorld History II3Renee Bricker
HIST 111282GWorld History II3Erik Love
HIST 111283GWorld History II3Hongjie Wang
HIST 211180GU.S. History I3Pamela T. Roseman
HIST 211181GU.S. History I3Jennifer Welch Egas
HIST 211182GU.S. History I3Robert Bob Bouwman
HIST 211183GU.S. History I3Kristen Griffin
HIST 211184GU.S. History I3David Mason
HIST 211185GU.S. History I3David Snow
HIST 211186GU.S. History I3Patrick Coleman
HIST 211187GU.S. History I3Marshall Abuwi
MATH 110180GIntroduction to Math Modeling3Penny Hidalgo
MATH 110181GIntroduction to Math Modeling3Lila Roberts
MATH 111180GCollege Algebra3Becky Griffin
MATH 111181GCollege Algebra3Paula Krone
MATH 111182GCollege Algebra3Avijit Kar
MATH 111380GPrecalculus3Ronald Chilluffo
MATH 111381GPrecalculus3Chinenye Ofodile
MATH 111382GPrecalculus3Muhammad Inam
MATH 111383GPrecalculus3James "Jim" Bellon
MATH 140180GIntroduction to Statistics3Blanche Presley
MATH 140181GIntroduction to Statistics3Taylor Wars
MATH 140182GIntroduction to Statistics3Gregory Knofczynski
MATH 150180GCalculus I4Patcharin Tragoonsirisak-Marion
MUSC 110080GMusic Appreciation3Luca Lombardi
MUSC 110081GMusic Appreciation3Harry Nelson
MUSC 110082GMusic Appreciation3Jeff Kluball
MUSC 110083GMusic Appreciation3Mark Laughlin
PHIL 201080GIntroduction to Philosophy3Lisa Yount
PHIL 201081GIntroduction to Philosophy3Jack Waskey
PHIL 201082GIntroduction to Philosophy3Aaron Dopf
PHIL 201083GIntroduction to Philosophy3Sanjay Lal
POLS 110180GAmerican Government3Raluca Viman Miller
POLS 110181GAmerican Government3Daniel Baracskay
POLS 110182GAmerican Government3Joseph "Joe" Trachtenberg
POLS 110183GAmerican Government3Baogang Guo
POLS 110184GAmerican Government3Mikhail Beznosov
POLS 110185GAmerican Government3Stephen Northam
POLS 110186GAmerican Government3Austin Janowski
PSYC 110180GIntroduction to General Psychology3Kimberly Mannahan
PSYC 110181GIntroduction to General Psychology3Travis McKie-Voerste
PSYC 110182GIntroduction to General Psychology3Kathryn Henderson
PSYC 110183GIntroduction to General Psychology3Candis Hill
PSYC 110184GIntroduction to General Psychology3Doris Michelle Davis
SOCI 110180GIntroduction to Sociology3Michael Stewart
SOCI 110181GIntroduction to Sociology3Caroline Fielding
SOCI 110182GIntroduction to Sociology3Jeremy Bennett
SOCI 110183GIntroduction to Sociology3Emmie Cochran-Jackson
SOCI 110184GIntroduction to Sociology3Kathleen Dolan
SPAN 200180GIntermediate Spanish I3Matthew Putman
SPAN 200181GIntermediate Spanish I3Rosaria Meek
SPAN 200280GIntermediate Spanish II3Genevieve Watson
*Assigned instructor subject to change as needed.