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The eCore Logo

The official eCore symbol is a green letter “e” utilizing a teal wave. Below the eCore symbol, the word “ecore” exists in all lowercase letters. The first “e” in the lowercase letters is also green, while the remaining letters are black.

This symbol is the formal identifier for the eCore program. It may be used by any school or college, regional campus, entity or organization that is part of the University System of Georgia community. Other educational institutions, businesses, groups or vendors may use the eCore symbol, but only with expressed permissions from the eCore Marketing Department at 678-839-5300.

The original square eCore logo is preferred at all times. However, there are times when design aspects dictate a horizontal version of the logo. If a design cannot be altered to incorporate the square eCore logo, the approved horizontal version may be used.

Do not use the logo in print advertising without consent.This logo will reproduce more cleanly and clearly in small sizes when on newsprint. If you have questions regarding the use of the eCore symbol in conjunction with a specific collegiate mark, please contact the eCore Marketing Department at 678-839-5300.

eCore logo

eCore Green (PMS 7490)
eCore Teal (PMS 3272)
Black Letters

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eCore logo black

eCore Black with 60% black Letters

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eCore Solid Color Logo

eCore Solid Color

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eCore logo horizontal

eCore Horizontal

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