What is eCore?

eCore is a collaborative program of the University System of Georgia (USG) established with the goal to make higher education more accessible within our state. eCore offers students the opportunity to complete undergraduate requirements in Core Areas A-E completely online via public colleges and universities within the University System. eCore courses are taught by instructors from SACSCOC accredited institutions within the system, and are transferrable within the USG as well as to most regionally accredited schools.

eCore online courses are now available at 23 institutions within the USG. Whether you’re a working adult who needs to get back in school, or a traditional college student who needs the flexibility of an online class – Georgia’s public colleges and universities are well within your reach with eCore.

Our Courses

The University System of Georgia eCore curriculum is composed of basic courses in the humanities, physical and social sciences, mathematics, languages, and other areas considered fundamental for any four-year degree.

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Picture of Nalucha Shakalima
Nalucha Shakalima
Albany State University

“Completing my degree is important to me because it will open up opportunities for me and help me achieve my dreams in life. I chose to take an eCore online class because it allowed me to have more flexibility with my already demanding nursing school schedule. My instructor has been very organized, structured, helpful and professional.”

Picture ofCathryn Vandiver and family
Cathryn Vandiver
Dalton State College

"eCore is great! It is taking me a little time to get to where I can discuss earlier in my weekly assignments, but I am learning and the program is set up for just that – for us to learn! I highly recommend it and look forward to many more eCore classes. One big advantage, you have a calendar. There is nothing that can interfere like in a classroom. You know exactly what is expected of you and you do it! It certainly is the only way I can attend college at this stage in my life, and you meet lots of wonderful students in your discussions."