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eCore: This is where your future begins...

eCore—short for electronic core-curriculum—allows University System of Georgia (USG) students the opportunity to complete their first two years of their collegiate careers in an online environment. eCore courses are taught entirely online, except for the occasional proctored exam. eCore courses are designed, developed, taught and supported by faculty and staff from the USG.

eCore offers courses in English, mathematics, science, history, and the social sciences.

eCore is not a formal degree program but is a convenient and adaptable option for either getting started in college or for resuming college after a break or pause. The core curriculum primarily consists of courses required during the first two years of college for a given degree. Not all core curriculum classes are available via eCore; you may need to take some core classes in a traditional classroom setting.

Benefits for students who enroll in eCore include: (read all)

Accredited Courses

Accredited CourseseCore courses are offered by nine institutions within the University System of Georgia and are therefore accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). More...