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Student Accessibility Services

If a student has an accessibility issue, or suspects that he/she has an accessibility issue and would like to be considered for accommodations, there are several options. Each USG institution has an Accessibility Services Office, and the campus eCore Liaison can provide information regarding the office on each home campus. Visit the eCore Affiliate Institutions page to access the accessibility office at your school. Students should contact the accessibility services coordinator at their home institution to discuss the documentation and process required for special accommodations. In all cases, students will be asked to qualify for special accommodations by providing documentation that they have gone through an evaluation process at an approved University System of Georgia or private agency evaluation site. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements with their current institution's campus accessibility services office at the beginning of the semester if they will require accommodations for the current semester. Students should provide the accommodation documentation issued by the institution to their instructors and to USG eFaculty team at prior to the time the student will need accommodations.

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For eCore-specific assistance, students should contact USG eCampus at 678-839-5300 or Please note that email communication is NOT secure and confidentiality cannot be assured if the student elects to communicate via email.

How do students access CIDI (formerly AMAC) services?

Students enrolled in eCore classes should contact the accessibility service provider at the institution to which they pay their tuition. The service provider will walk the student through accessing CIDI services.

How do students get access to accessible versions of their books?

All Open Educational Resources included in eCore courses are available in accessible format in the Affordable Learning Georgia repository.

How do students get training on assistive technology (reading software and hardware) ?

Students can be trained by the accessibility service provider or can call the CIDI Toll-Free Technical Support Help Line at 866.418.2750. Students can check the CIDI website for up-coming trainings in their area. There is also a Student Resources site that can be accessed or downloaded through the CIDI website

What does the faculty member do when notified that a student has a disability?

When instructors are provided with official documentation of needed accommodations by either the student or the campus accessibility office, the instructor should provide all applicable accommodations to

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