Future Students


nalucha shakalima
Completing my degree is important to me because it will open up opportunities for me and help me achieve my dreams in life. I chose to take an eCore online class because it allowed me to have more flexibility with my already demanding nursing school schedule. My instructor has been very organized, structured, helpful and professional.
Age: 22 - Nalucha Shakalima
Albany State University
nalucha shakalima
eCore is great! It is taking me a little time to get to where I can discuss earlier in my weekly assignments, but I am learning and the program is set up for just that – for us to learn! I highly recommend it and look forward to many more eCore classes. One big advantage, you have a calendar. There is nothing that can interfere like in a classroom. You know exactly what is expected of you and you do it! It certainly is the only way I can attend college at this stage in my life, and you meet lots of wonderful students in your discussions.
Age: 56 - Cathryn Vandiver
Dalton State College
nalucha shakalima
I have a one year old so trying to take on campus classes and balancing motherhood is hard. The online class is great. I complete everything once she’s out for the count! My eCore instructor is very helpful and responds to any problem I have in a timely manner.
Age: 24 - Briana Smith
University of North Georgia
spencer suggs
I chose to take online classes through eCore because I am behind a semester due to Army training, and am trying to take extra hours this semester to catch up. eCore was the perfect solution for that because of the short session options. My instructors so far have been super helpful and understanding. They really try to make sure that everyone always knows what is going on and what is expected of them. The best thing about eCore has definitely been the schedule flexibility. I am very busy, so it is very beneficial for me to be able to log in and knock out each day’s assignments when I get a chance instead of having to block out a specific time to go to a physical class.
Age: 18 - Spencer Suggs
University of North Georgia
The best thing about eCore for me has to be the flexibility it offers. I can sit on the floor in my kids’ room, reading course content while they play. I can watch videos pertaining to lessons while I make peanut butter and jellies or wash dishes. I can write a paper while riding shotgun on a weekly road trip to Jacksonville to see my parents. Anywhere that I can have a device on the internet, I can play an active role in my classes and that allows me to be a full-time mom AND student.
Age: 29 - Misty Wagner
Valdosta State University

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