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Proctored experiences in eCore classes (i.e. a proctored midterm and/or a proctored final exam) work differently than proctored experiences in traditional, on-campus classes because they require you to plan, schedule and pay* for your proctoring appointments. Students should review the information on this site to ensure that the necessary proctored experiences are completed successfully.

In order to measure learning outcomes in an objective, verifiable way, instructors will designate one or two experiences to be completed in an approved proctored environment where you will be asked to present a photo ID. Students are responsible for scheduling and completing their proctored experiences by the posted deadline. This includes reviewing the course syllabus at the beginning of the semester to confirm the dates of your proctored experiences and scheduling them well in advance. Students are also responsible for being aware of the conditions and policies under which the proctored experience will be administered.

Please see the Proctored Exams FAQs for more information.

* Testing costs vary by location.

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Testing Coordinator Contact

  • Testing Desk
  • General Proctored Exam Questions
  • Issues Taking a Proctored Exam or Accommodation Questions

Proctor Options

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Testing Center/Independent Proctor (Preferred Method)

Proctoring Options:
  • USG Testing Centers (in-person) - These testing centers are located at your institution or other participating University System of Georgia (USG) institutions.
  • USG Testing Centers Remote Proctoring (virtual) - Some University System of Georgia (USG) testing centers may have remote proctoring options on a limited basis. Through this option students can schedule to take an exam through a local USG testing center who will remotely proctor your exam via web conferencing software.
  • Other Georgia Testing Centers (in-person) - These testing centers are located at institutions of higher education in Georgia that are not part of the eCampus collaborative. They include other approved colleges, universities, and technical colleges in the state.
  • High School Dual-enrollment - The high school proctors in this section only proctor their own dual-enrolled students. Not all high schools are represented.
  • Military/Specialized - These are specialized proctors that only proctor for a specific subset of students (i.e. military members, employees of specific organizations, etc).
  • Out-of-State - These are pre-approved testing centers located outside the state of Georgia.
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ProctorU is a live online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam from a private, secure location (well-lit with no one else in the room).

  • Technical requirements for testing with ProctorU are much greater than what is needed to take your course. Testing with ProctorU is not a good fit for all students and their equipment.
  • In order to test with ProctorU, you will need to have a stable, high-speed internet connection (hotspots are not supported), a webcam and microphone, a Windows or Mac operating system, and the the most up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox and the most recent version of the ProctorU Extension. Chromebooks are not supported. Additional software downloads are required-- you must have administrative access for the device being used. Please see the technical requirements.
  • It is essential that you test your equipment before scheduling. Failure to meet any one requirement will prevent you from successfully testing with this option. Test your equipment.
  • A valid government or college issued photo-ID is required.
  • While ProctorU is generally available 24/7, peak registrations periods may have fewer times available. Scheduling will end by 7:30 PM on the last day of your exam window.

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