How Does It Work

A Collaborative Program

eCore is a program of the University System of Georgia (USG), in which affiliate institutions collaborate to offer general education courses to their students in an online setting. eCore is supported by the USG’s eCampus.

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Illustration showing students and USG institutions collaborating through eCore

USG Students

Students across the University System of Georgia register for eCore classes through their institutional Banner/registration system.

USG Instructors

eCore courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who are employed at SACSCOC accredited colleges and universities within the USG. Courses are developed and maintained by content experts within the USG along with a team of instructional design professionals. Courses are delivered entirely online through the GoVIEW learning management system.

Registration and Transferability

Course credits earned through eCore are awarded by the student’s affiliate home institution, and are transferable within the USG as well as to other regionally accredited institutions.

(Note: students at non-affiliate eCore institutions should contact their advisor with questions about registration and transferability )

eCore courses are taught fully online in both 16-week and 8-week formats. All eCore courses now include free and open digital textbooks and resources embedded inside the courses at no cost to the student.

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Fully online development and instrustion

eCore courses have been designed to maximize the advantages and minimize the limitations of electronic delivery. Courses have been developed with navigation and logistical features to ensure the ability to move easily and consistently from course to course.

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