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Credit Hours
ARTS 110001GArt Appreciation3Chris Dockery
ARTS 110002GArt Appreciation3Masoud Nourizadeh
ARTS 110003GArt Appreciation3staff
ARTS 110004GArt Appreciation3Mark Watson
BIOL 1011K01GIntroduction to Biology4staff
BIOL 1011K02GIntroduction to Biology4Christopher Beals
BIOL 1011K03GIntroduction to Biology4Thomas Harnden
BIOL 1011K04GIntroduction to Biology4Nicole Strong
BIOL 1011K05GIntroduction to Biology4staff
BIOL 1011K06GIntroduction to Biology4staff
CHEM 1211K01GPrinciples of Chemistry I4Anne Gaquere-Parker
CHEM 1211K02GPrinciples of Chemistry I4Ali Akdeniz
CHEM 1211K03GPrinciples of Chemistry I4Joshua Morris
CHEM 1211K04GPrinciples of Chemistry I4Doug Stuart
CHEM 1211K05GPrinciples of Chemistry I4Linda Grisham
CHEM 1211K06GPrinciples of Chemistry I4Sabitra Brush
CHEM 1212K01GPrinciples of Chemistry II4David Boatright
CHEM 1212K02GPrinciples of Chemistry II4Spencer Slattery
CHEM 1212K03GPrinciples of Chemistry II4Ghazia Asif
COMM 110001GHuman Communication3staff
COMM 110002GHuman Communication3staff
COMM 110003GHuman Communication3staff
COMM 110004GHuman Communication3Keith Perry
COMM 110005GHuman Communication3Stephanie Lahnala
COMM 110006GHuman Communication3Adria Goldman
COMM 110007GHuman Communication3Steven Stuglin
COMM 110008GHuman Communication3Brian Kline
COMM 110009GHuman Communication3Caitlin Wills-Toker
COMM 110010GHuman Communication3Nancy Carr
ENGL 110101GEnglish Composition I3staff
ENGL 110102GEnglish Composition I3Cortney McLeod
ENGL 110103GEnglish Composition I3staff
ENGL 110104GEnglish Composition I3Joshua Sewell
ENGL 110105GEnglish Composition I3staff
ENGL 110106GEnglish Composition I3staff
ENGL 110107GEnglish Composition I3John Marinan
ENGL 110108GEnglish Composition I3staff
ENGL 110109GEnglish Composition I3Ann Marie Francis
ENGL 110110GEnglish Composition I3Ashley Dycus
ENGL 110111GEnglish Composition I3Billy Reynolds
ENGL 110112GEnglish Composition I3Lisa Lishman
ENGL 110201GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110202GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110203GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110204GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110205GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110206GEnglish Composition II3Charla Sutton Terrell
ENGL 110207GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110208GEnglish Composition II3Amelia Simmons
ENGL 110209GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110210GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 110211GEnglish Composition II3Ebony Gibson
ENGL 110212GEnglish Composition II3LaRonda Sanders-Senu
ENGL 110213GEnglish Composition II3Napolita Hooper-Simanga
ENGL 110214GEnglish Composition II3staff
ENGL 211101GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211102GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211103GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211104GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211105GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211106GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211107GWorld Literature I3Alan Keith Kelly
ENGL 211108GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211109GWorld Literature I3Lydia Postell
ENGL 211110GWorld Literature I3staff
ENGL 211201GWorld Literature II3staff
ENGL 211202GWorld Literature II3Kyounghye Kwon
ENGL 213101GAmerican Literature I3staff
ENGL 213102GAmerican Literature I3Richard Baskin
ENGL 213103GAmerican Literature I3staff
ENGL 213104GAmerican Literature I3staff
ENGL 213105GAmerican Literature I3staff
ENGL 213106GAmerican Literature I3staff
ENGL 213201GAmerican Literature II3Herbert Shippey
ENGL 213202GAmerican Literature II3Gwendolyn Harold
ENVS 220201GEnvironmental Science3Farooq A. Khan
ENVS 220202GEnvironmental Science3staff
ENVS 220203GEnvironmental Science3staff
ENVS 220204GEnvironmental Science3staff
ENVS 220205GEnvironmental Science3staff
ENVS 220206GEnvironmental Science3Ghazia Asif
ENVS 220207GEnvironmental Science3staff
ENVS 220208GEnvironmental Science3John Hansen
GEOL 1011K01GIntroductory Geosciences I4Randa Harris
GEOL 1011K02GIntroductory Geosciences I4staff
GEOL 1011K03GIntroductory Geosciences I4Billy Morris
GEOL 1011K04GIntroductory Geosciences I4Marta Patino-Douce
GEOL 1011K05GIntroductory Geosciences I4staff
GEOL 1011K06GIntroductory Geosciences I4staff
GEOL 1011K07GIntroductory Geosciences I4Ann Harris
GEOL 1011K08GIntroductory Geosciences I4Robert Bergstrom
GEOL 1011K09GIntroduction Geosciences I4staff
HIST 111101GWorld History I3Thomas M. Deaton
HIST 111102GWorld History I3Larry Israel
HIST 111103GWorld History I3Steve Blankenship
HIST 111104GWorld History I3staff
HIST 111105GWorld History I3Tamara Spike
HIST 111106GWorld History I3Lisa Seibert
HIST 111107GWorld History I3Michael Proulx
HIST 111108GWorld History I3Charlotte Miller
HIST 111109GWorld History I3Eugene Berger
HIST 111110GWorld History I3staff
HIST 111201GWorld History II3staff
HIST 111202GWorld History II3staff
HIST 111203GWorld History II3staff
HIST 111204GWorld History II3staff
HIST 211101GU.S. History I3staff
HIST 211102GU.S. History I3Keith Pacholl
HIST 211103GU.S. History I3Sarah Mergel
HIST 211104GU.S. History I3Jennifer Welch Egas
HIST 211105GU.S. History I3Tammy Byron
HIST 211106GU.S. History I3Rick Reiman
HIST 211107GU.S. History I3Montgomery Wolf
HIST 211108GU.S. History I3Melissa Franklin
HIST 211109GU.S. History I3staff
HIST 211110GU.S. History I3staff
HIST 211111GU.S. History I3David Mason
HIST 211112GU.S. History I3staff
MATH 110101GIntro to Mathematical Modeling3staff
MATH 110102GIntro to Mathematical Modeling3Charles Mark Henderson
MATH 110103GIntro to Mathematical Modeling3Luba Ibrahim
MATH 110104GIntro to Mathematical Modeling3staff
MATH 111101GCollege Algebra3staff
MATH 111102GCollege Algebra3Carrie Carmack
MATH 111103GCollege Algebra3Debbie Morgan
MATH 111104GCollege Algebra3Steve Davis
MATH 111105GCollege Algebra3Theresa Butori
MATH 111106GCollege Algebra3Duane Benson
MATH 111107GCollege Algebra3Sonal Patel
MATH 111108GCollege Algebra3Duane Benson
MATH 111301GPrecalculus3staff
MATH 111302GPrecalculus3staff
MATH 111303GPrecalculus3Masoud Naghedolfeizi
MATH 111304GPrecalculus3Viktoriya Lanier
MATH 111305GPrecalculus3Patcharin Tragoonsirisak-Marion
MATH 111306GPrecalculus3Agoun Abdelkader
MATH 140101GIntro to Statistics3staff
MATH 140102GIntro to Statistics3staff
MATH 140103GIntro to Statistics3Camille Pace
MATH 140104GIntro to Statistics3Richard Kilburn
MATH 140105GIntro to Statistics3staff
MATH 140106GIntro to Statistics3Brian Brodsky
MATH 150101GCalculus I4Dawit Aberra
MATH 150102GCalculus I4staff
MATH 150103GCalculus I4Taylor Wars
MATH 150104GCalculus I4staff
MUSC 110001GMusic Appreciation3staff
MUSC 110002GMusic Appreciation3Luca Lombardi
MUSC 110003GMusic Appreciation3Harry Nelson
MUSC 110004GMusic Appreciation3staff
PHIL 201001GIntro to Philosophy3Christine A. James
PHIL 201002GIntro to Philosophy3staff
PHIL 201003GIntro to Philosophy3Lavonna Lovern
PHIL 201004GIntro to Philosophy3Kencho Tenzin
PHIL 201005GIntro to Philosophy3Jack Waskey
PHIL 201006GIntro to Philosophy3staff
PHIL 201007GIntro to Philosophy3Dexter Christian
PHYS 1211K01GPrinciples of Physics I4staff
PHYS 1211K02GPrinciples of Physics I4staff
PHYS 1211K03GPrinciples of Physics I4staff
PHYS 1211K04GPrinciples of Physics I4staff
POLS 110101GAmerican Government3staff
POLS 110102GAmerican Government3staff
POLS 110103GAmerican Government3Roger Marietta
POLS 110104GAmerican Government3staff
POLS 110105GAmerican Government3staff
POLS 110106GAmerican Government3Hans E. Schmeisser
POLS 110107GAmerican Government3staff
POLS 110108GAmerican Government3staff
POLS 110109GAmerican Government3staff
POLS 110110GAmerican Government3Chux Ibekwe
POLS 110111GAmerican Government3Matthew Hipps
POLS 110112GAmerican Government3Felita Willliams
PSYC 110101GIntro to General Psychology3Jonathan Gulledge
PSYC 110102GIntro to General Psychology3David Biek
PSYC 110103GIntro to General Psychology3Reba Goodin
PSYC 110104GIntro to General Psychology3staff
PSYC 110105GIntro to General Psychology3Travis McKie-Voerste
PSYC 110106GIntro to General Psychology3Jason Garofalo
PSYC 110107GIntro to General Psychology3J. Sean Callahan
PSYC 110108GIntro to General Psychology3Eric Wruck
PSYC 110109GIntro to General Psychology3Lesley "Allison" Hite
PSYC 110110GIntro to General Psychology3Doris Michelle Davis
SOCI 110101GIntroduction to Sociology3staff
SOCI 110102GIntroduction to Sociology3Emmie Cochran-Jackson
SOCI 110103GIntroduction to Sociology3Caroline Fielding
SOCI 110104GIntroduction to Sociology3Kelley Christopher
SOCI 110105GIntroduction to Sociology3Jeremy Bennett
SOCI 110106GIntroduction to Sociology3Marla Wilks
SOCI 110107GIntroduction to Sociology3Jason Goodner
SOCI 110108GIntroduction to Sociology3Mikhail Beznosov
SOCI 110109GIntroduction to Sociology3Angela Brodsky
SOCI 110110GIntroduction to Sociology3Jewrell Rivers
SPAN 200101GIntermediate Spanish I3staff
SPAN 200102GIntermediate Spanish I3Mario Alba-Manzana
SPAN 200103GIntermediate Spanish I3staff
SPAN 200104GIntermediate Spanish I3Dennis Miller
SPAN 200201GIntermediate Spanish II3staff
SPAN 200202GIntermediate Spanish II3staff
*Assigned instructor subject to change as needed.