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Yes. Students will not be allowed to stay in the course without lab materials unless a different arrangement has been made with the instructor.

  • Most lab sciences provide a SKU code for you to purchase your lab kit through
  • Several lab sciences provide list of items that you will need to gather/purchase to create your own lab kit
  • Some sections of lab sciences will offer virtual lab to accompany the course through Labster

Each type of lab kit will vary in price. You can expect to pay anywhere from $40-$185 depending on the type of lab kit or lab experience your section of lab science offers.

Possibly. Some university bookstores offer vouchers that you can purchase at your university bookstore, that you can then use to purchase lab kit.

The SKU code, that you will need in order to ensure you purchase the correct lab kit for your course, can be found under the individual information for your course.

You will be prompted to order your Labster lab kit the first time you login to your course in GoView.

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