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Proctored Exams Information

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents requires that each eCore course contain at least one proctored experience of significance.

Exams in eCore classes work differently than exams in traditional, on-campus classes because they require you to plan, schedule and pay (testing cost may vary) for any and all appointments at a testing center. Students and faculty should read and use the information on this site to ensure that the necessary midterms and final exams are completed successfully.

In order to measure learning outcomes in an objective, verifiable way, instructors will require students to take one or two exams at an authorized testing center where students will be asked to present a photo ID.

All eCore midterm and final exams are administered online via GoVIEW. Any potential proctored test site must have computers with internet connection and a GoVIEW supported browser. Students are responsible for scheduling and reporting to their exams by the posted deadline. Students are responsible for looking at the course syllabus at the beginning of the semester, well in advance of the midterm and/or final, to confirm when exam periods are scheduled and to decide where to take the exam. Students are also responsible for being aware of the conditions and policies under which the exam will be proctored and administered.

Contact Testing Coordinator

  • eCore Help Desk
  • 678-839-5300 or 1-855-93ECORE (1-855-933-2673)

Find an Affiliate Testing Center

Map of Affiliate Testing Center

Online Proctor Options


ProctorU can be scheduled from the ProctorU website.

ProctorU is a live online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam from the comfort of your home. ProctorU is available 24/7, however you will need to schedule your proctoring session at least 72 hours in advance to avoid any on demand scheduling fees. Creating a ProctorU account is very simple. All you will need to do is visit ProctorU also provides free technical support to ensure you have the best testing situation possible. That is available at . On this page you will also be able to test your equipment, learn about what to expect during your proctoring session, and ask any questions you may have about the proctoring process with a ProctorU representative. In order to use ProctorU you will need to have a high-speed internet connection, a webcam (internal or external), a windows or apple Operating System, and a government issued photo id.

ProctorU recommends that you visit prior to your proctoring session to test your equipment.

For additional technical services needed before your exam, you can click on the button that says “connect to a live person.”

Additional ProctorU Information

B Virtual

Login to GoView and schedule your exam session.

NO hidden or additional fees!

Regardless of whether you schedule 2 hours or 2 weeks before the date and time of your exam, the price is the same. There are never any additional fees.

5 minutes or it’s free

When it’s time to take your exam, click the "Start Exam" button to connect to our proctoring center. You’ll be connected to your proctor within 5 minutes or your proctoring session is free of charge.

Image of landing page and how they select into BVirtual

Screenshot of instructional video for signing up for BVirtual Watch Video

Exam FAQ

A proctored exam is one that is overseen by an impartial individual (called a proctor) who monitors or supervises a student while he or she is taking an exam. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the exam process.

Check your course syllabus as soon as you can access your online course. The need to take proctored midterms or final exams and your exam dates should be contained therein.

You must navigate to your GoVIEW course in order to set up your proctored exam via SmarterProctoring. You will find the SmarterProctoring widget on your course home page. For more information see your course syllabus or the Course Resources Content module.

Cost will vary for the use of a testing facility and the proctor's time to receive, monitor, and return your exam. Please be sure to determine the cost and when it must be paid. Testing centers often require prepayment, and your receipt for payment may serve as your ticket to the proctored exam session.

How do I access SmarterProctoring?
Log into GoView and navigate to the courses home page. On the course homepage, three quarters of the way down on the left is a purple SmarterProctoring widget. Select the CLICK HERE link in the SmarterProctoring widget.

Once you click in the SmarterProctoring widget, a new window will open to pass you to the SmarterProctoring application.

Selecting the green button will open your SmarterProctoring dashboard. If this is your first time in SmarterProctoring for this course, you'll be prompted to complete your profile before being passed to the dashboard.

For further help, please review the video on Accessing the SmarterProctoring widget.

How do I register for a Face to Face Proctor?
Once in SmarterProctoring on your dashboard, you will be able to see your exam(s). Click on the blue 'Select Proctor' button.

You will then be given the option of a face to face exam or B-Virtual.

Click on the blue 'Find Face to Face Proctor' button, which will populate a list of proctors close to the zip-code you provided in your profile. The Proctor information includes distance, cost, location, and general information. Proctors with the eCore logo are our affiliate proctors, so are the best option for eCore students. There are also other proctors listed. Please review the information provided by the proctor you select. (Ex. Some Proctors show a cost of $0, but have other requirements, such as being active military, a current student at that high school, or an employee at that business. They will not proctor you if you don't meet their requirements, and this may delay your exam.)

For best results, confirm that your filter options boxes for Approved and Preferred are checked. The filter options are on the right side of your screen.

For further help, please review the video on Registering for a Face to Face exam.

How do I register for an online (B-Virtual) Proctor?
Once in SmarterProctoring on your dashboard, you will be able to see your exam(s). Click on the blue 'Select Proctor' button.

You will then be given the option of a face to face exam or B-Virtual.

Click on the blue 'Use B Virtual' button, which will bring up a B-Virtual information page. Step one has you test your settings, to confirm you can use B-Virtual on your machine. Step two will take you to the B-Virtual registration page.

For further help, please review the video on Accessing the SmarterProctoring widget.


  1. Go to and click “Sign Up” in the top right corner. Then select “Testing Center” and fill out Name, Testing Center/Institution Name, and Email.
  2. Please verify the email by clicking on the link within the email that SmarterProctoring sends and then log in using the information just provided.
  3. Complete the Testing Center Profile.
  4. Send an email to,, and requesting that the profile be activated. Please include your proctor ID in the email.
  5. This completes the process to register as a proctor for now.

After proctors complete their profiles, there is typically a 4-5 business day turnaround for SmarterProctoring to approve and activate the proctor profile. Students will then be able to find the proctors and request sessions with them for any future exam. However, once we receive your email with your proctor ID, eCore Testing Services will accommodate any exam appointments by forwarding the exam instructions to the designated testing official until the SmarterProctoring option becomes available.

Best Practices

Every eCore course requires at least one proctored exam and no more than two. Check your course syllabus and other course information from your professor at the beginning of the term to identify which exam(s) in your course will require a proctor and the corresponding testing dates.

It is recommended that students access SmarterProctoring as early as possible at the start of the term to schedule an appointment for any required proctored exams.

To schedule your proctored exam, log into your GoVIEW course and go to the Proctored Exam Setup widget box on your course home page. It looks similar to this:

For the best proctoring experience, we recommend using the following order of preference when selecting your proctor in SmarterProctoring.

  1. The best place to test is your home institution testing center! If you are not close by your home institution, you can also test at one of the other 22 eCore partner institutions around the state. eCore partner institutions are designated with the eCore logo inside SmarterProctoring.
  2. If you have a special situation, such as a military or high school student, you may be able to find a test proctor related to your facility. Look for this in SmarterProctoring. You may also be able to test at your home institution testing center. If you cannot find a viable option, please call eCore Testing for assistance at 678-839-5437 or 678-839-5296.
  3. You can also test at other higher education institutions in Georgia such as technical colleges. These are also listed in SmarterProctoring.
  4. If you need to use an online proctor due to testing in the off-hours or weekends, you can utilize B Virtual, an online proctoring service. You can select this option in SmarterProctoring.
  5. If none of the above will fit your need, you may be able to schedule with an individual test proctor. You can see individual proctors listed in SmarterProctoring. If you are having difficulty making an appointment with an individual proctor, please contact eCore Testing at 678-839-5437 or 678-839-5296, and we will assist you in making that connection. You have not made an appointment with an individual proctor until they agree to proctor you in the SmarterProctoring system.

Several military facilities have testing centers located on-site. If your on-site testing center is already listed in SmarterProctoring, you may proceed to schedule your appointment. If you are unable to find your on-site testing facility, please contact eCore Testing at 678-839-5437 or 678-839-5296 for assistance.

Some high school counseling offices offer test proctoring services to their students and are already listed as a proctoring option in SmarterProctoring. If your high school is already listed in SmarterProctoring, you may proceed to schedule your appointment. If your high school is not an available option in SmarterProctoring, consider utilizing the testing center at your eCore home institution as this is a viable second option for Dual Enrollment students. If you are unable to find a testing option that fits your needs, please contact eCore Testing at 678-839-5437 or 678-839-5296 for assistance.

If you have a special accommodations, please send a copy of the accommodations letter to your instructor and

  • Make sure your zip code is set in your profile. By default, SmarterProctoring will search for proctoring options based on your zip code. Other search options are available to further narrow your search results.
  • eCore Affiliate Institutions are noted with the eCore logo and marked as Preferred.
  • SmarterProctoring works best in Google Chrome or Firefox. If you are experiencing technical issues searching for a proctor, try using one of these preferred internet browsers.
  • If you are unable to test at the locations listed in SmarterProctoring, please contact the eCore Testing Coordinator at 678-839-5437 or 678-839-5296 for assistance.

If you had a scheduled exam but were not able to make the appointment, your account may be locked. You can request that your account be unlocked by using the HELP button inside SmarterProctoring and submitting a Help ticket to SmarterProctoring.

If you tested at an eCore affiliate institution testing site, you should contact them directly as they may be able to work you into the testing window. If not, they will be able to unlock the previous appointment you had with them.

If you have a missed exam appointment using BVirtual, the proctoring cost may be credited to your BVirtual account. If you are planning to reschedule the exam in BVirtual, this credit can be used toward the new appointment.

To have a BVirtual refund credited to your bank account, you will have to request that as a refund option. To do this, you will log into your course and go to SmarterProctoring, then look for the HELP button and submit a Help ticket to SmarterProctoring. SmarterProctoring will then work with BVirtual to issue the refund to your bank account. This process will take at least 2-3 days. When posted to your account, it will appear as follows on your bank statement: SMARTERPROCTORING. {MM-DD} 877-499-7627 AL {CARD INFORMATION} PYMT