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Take Classes, Save Money this Summer!

Welcome home! For Georgia residents enrolled in out-of-state schools, finding a way to save money on tuition is a top priority. One way to get ahead on classes while saving money at the same time is to take online classes from home as a transient student during the summer. The University System of Georgia is proud to offer fully-online eCore courses through 21 participating public institutions that are perfect for our Georgia students who are back home for the summer.

Transient status means that you are enrolled full-time at one institution, but are “visiting” another institution in order to take one or more classes, with the intention of transferring those credits back to your full-time institution when they are completed.

eCore courses are offered at a standard tuition rate of $159/credit hour regardless of institution, and all classes include free Open Educational Resources (OER) in place of traditional textbooks. Compared to out-of-state tuition plus fees and books, students can save significantly by taking as many courses as possible through eCore and transferring them back to their institution.

eCore courses have no in-state or out-of-state tuition difference, so you can still take advantage of these savings regardless of your state residency status.

No! eCore courses are 100% online, so you can still travel, relax, and enjoy your summer just as you would otherwise. The only difference is, you'll continue making progress toward graduation while you're at it!

Each institution will have specific transient admission requirements. Once you decide on a school in which to enroll, you will need to submit an application for admission with transient status selected. While admission is required in order to enroll in courses, transient admission is typically more brief and streamlined than regular full-time admission. Transient admission typically requires the student to provide a pre-approved letter from their full-time institution indicating the course(s) they are approved to take and that they have been reviewed for transfer acceptance at that school. Because this can take a bit of pre-planning, we suggest talking to your advisor as soon as possible about your summer transient plans.

This process will be outlined in your institution's transient credit policy, but typically involves having an official transcript sent to your institution once the class is completed and the final grade has been posted.

Visit the links below for information about transient admission procedures at a participating eCore institution near you.

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