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Technical Requirements

Having a correctly configured computer will help ensure your success in eCore. Check the information below to be sure that your computer meets all the necessary technical requirements for hardware and software. Click below to run the system checker:

Click on the headers to expand for more information.

Computer Hardware & Peripherals

  • Windows PC or Apple Macintosh.
  • Some language courses may require a microphone (a USB headset is ideal).
  • Speakers or ability to use headphones for audio playback.
  • A printer is highly recommended.

Supported Operating Systems

GoVIEW supports all versions of Windows or Mac operating systems capable of running the recommended web browsers listed below.

Internet Access

  • Although GoVIEW is usable over a 56K modem, the faster and more reliable your internet connection speed, the better your experience will be.
  • A hardwired cable or DSL connection is recommended, particularly for submitting assignments & quizzes.


  • JRE 6 update 31 (Required to run the Equation Editor)
  • JavaScript and cookies must be enabled.

Supported Web Browsers

While several major web browsers are supported, it is recommended that you access GoVIEW using either of the browsers listed below.

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome

Adobe Flash

Your system must have Adobe Flash Player 10.1+ to use the Record Audio & Record Video features. Ensure that your browser has both JavaScript and Cookies enabled. Popup windows will need to be permitted for GoVIEW to function as designed.

Virus & Spyware Protection Software

  • All computers connecting to the internet should have current virus and spyware detection/removal software installed with updated definitions. It is possible for GoVIEW users to spread a virus by sharing infected computer files, and spyware can be picked up anywhere while surfing the web.

For more information, please visit the D2L website.

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