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Student Grade Appeal Form

If a student wishes to appeal a grade, that appeal must be made within thirty days after the grade is posted. The student should contact his/her eCore liaison or the eCore Student Success Manager to initiate the process.

The grade appeal process is as follows:

  1. Student must appeal to the eCore faculty member in writing why he/she thinks that the grade he/she received is not in accord with what the student has achieved in the class.
  2. If the appeal is not resolved at the faculty member's level, the student must inform the professor in writing within thirty days after the grade is posted that he/she is not satisfied, and then appeal in writing explaining why the grade was not what it should have been to USG eCore Associate Dean.
  3. If the appeal is not resolved at the eCore Associate Dean's level, the student must inform the eCore Associate Dean, in writing, within one business week that he/she is not satisfied and must then appeal to an ad hoc committee of eCore faculty in writing. The Dean of eCore will appoint the committee which will then consider the written appeal from the eCore Associate Dean's decision via conference call or through an electronic medium. After careful deliberation and consideration, the committee will recommend to the USG eCore Dean what should be done in the case.
  4. The Dean of eCore will render the final decision taking all relevant factors into consideration.

Any student pursuing a grade appeal must follow the process outlined by this form.

Please complete the following information to acknowledge your understanding of the grade appeal process.


Once this form is submitted, you may initiate the first step of the grade appeal process by composing a short letter or memo to your professor stating the exact nature of the appeal and the reason for asking. Explain why the grade that you received is not in accord with what you have achieved in your class. Send the letter to your professor via the email address provided to you in the syllabus from the semester attended. If you do not know your professor's email, please email the Student Success Manager, Brett Miles at


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