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Getting Started with eCore


Print this checklist and complete before or no later than the first few days of class.

You should now have access to log in to your GoVIEW account, by following the log in directions below. You should also log in before classes begin to ensure your username and password are working correctly.

How to Log In:
To login to GoVIEW go here:

Your username will be the same as your campus email username prefix followed by an underscore (_) plus an assigned acronym for your campus.

Please note: If you are a previous eCore student, you are assigned a new username format beginning Spring 2013 Term. Students will need to replace the @ character with an underscore (_) when entering their username.

College of Coastal Georgia Students:
To find your username for, follow these instructions:

  1. Login to C.O.A.S.T. Your C.O.A.S.T. user ID is the same as your student ID. Your initial password is your birth date as mmddyy (i.e. if your birth date is January 1, 1992 your default password is 010192)
  2. Select "Student Information"
  3. Next select "View GoVIEW Account"
  4. Write down the GoVIEW username for future reference: Remember, your GoVIEW username will not be your student ID (9200 number).
  5. For GoVIEW, your username includes an underscore (_) plus your campus acronym (CCGA). For Example, if you wrote down jdoe23, then your GoVIEW username will be jdoe23_ccga

Examples for usernames by affiliate

  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
    Example: jdoe_abac
  • Albany State University
    Example: jdoe1_alsu
  • Atlanta Metropolitan State College
    Example: jdoe78_amsc
  • Bainbridge State College
    Example: jdoe1_bsc
  • Clayton State University
    Example: john.doe_clsu
  • Columbus State University
    Example: john_doe_csu
  • Dalton State College
    Example: jdoe_dsc
  • Darton State college
    Example: john.doe_darc
  • Fort Valley State University
    Example: jdoe_fvsu
  • Georgia Highlands College
    Example: jdoe1_ghc
  • Georgia Southwestern State University - Example: jdoe7_gsw
  • Gordon State College - Example: sb190778_goc
  • Kennesaw State University - Example: John_Doe_KSU
  • Kennesaw State University - Marietta Campus - Example: jdoe_spsu
  • Middle Georgia State College - Example: john.doe_mgsc
  • Savannah State University - Example: jdoe_ssu
  • South Georgia State College - Example: _sgsc
  • University of North Georgia - Example: jpdoe1234_ung
  • University of West Georgia - Example: jdoe1_uwg
  • Valdosta State University - Example: jdoe1_vsu

Your password will be whatever your Banner Password was at the time that you registered for your eCore course this semester. If you cannot remember your password or have password issues, you may access the "Forgot Password?" link directly under the login area on the GoVIEW site, When clicking on the "Forgot Password" Link, you will need to type in your new username in the format listed above. The password reset link will be emailed to your campus email address. The email will be sent from

Important: If you choose to reset your password you will need to wait 5-10 minutes after reseting your password for the change to be processed OR refresh your browser window. If you still cannot access GoVIEW, please contact the eCore Helpdesk at 678-839-5300 or 1-855-93ECORE (1-855-933-2673) or If your problem is not resolved, please contact the eCore Student Success Manager at or 678-839-0632.

Log in to your eCore course on the first day of class or as soon as possible thereafter and complete the eCore Mandatory Attendance Quiz and any other orientation/introduction activities. See below for the class start and log in deadline for the session in which you are enrolled.


Full Session

Short Session I

Short Session II

Classes Begin

January 12

January 12

March 9

Log-in and
participation Deadline

January 16
by 12 p.m. noon EST

January 16
by 12 p.m. noon EST

March 13
by 12:00 noon (EST)

For Attendance Verification:

You must log in to your eCore class by the log in deadline (the earlier the better) and participate in the course by completing the eCore Mandatory Attendance Quiz, or you will be reported as non-attending by your professor. If you are reported as non-attending, you may be withdrawn or dropped by your registrar's office.

If you are enrolled in more than one eCore class, you must complete the eCore Mandatory Attendance Quiz for each class you are enrolled this term.

To access the eCore Mandatory Attendance Quiz, follow these procedures:
  • Log into your eCore class
  • Click on "Content" from the top navigation or the "Content Browser" in the middle of the course homepage
  • Click on the arrow next to "Syllabus and Start Items"
  • Click on "eCore Mandatory Attendance Quiz"

Please note: Instructors are not obligated to accept any excuse for course inactivity due to technical problems. It is your responsibility to report technical problems to the USG D2L Help Center as they occur or contact eCore Administrative Services at or 678-839-5300 or toll-free, 1-855-93ECORE (1-855-933-2673).