Course Descriptions

Art Appreciation - ARTS 1100


ARTS 1100 is a 3 semester-credit-hour course focused on fostering an awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the visual arts. Through exposure to cross-cultural art images throughout history, students will build a global artistic vocabulary that allows for the constructive analysis of art objects. Students will also gain an understanding of the influence of art on other important aspects of culture including politics, history, religion, and science

In this course, students will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of art, its production, function/purpose, and aesthetics as a significant form of human expression, within its social, cultural, and historical context
  • Use appropriate vocabulary to critique and analyze formal elements, techniques, and concepts of art
  • Engage in critical thinking about art by distinguishing between and evaluating various kinds of evidence, and presenting valid arguments in written formats
  • Unit 1: What is Art?
  • Unit 2: The Structure of Art
  • Unit 3: Significance of Materials Used in Art
  • Unit 4: Describing Art
  • Unit 5: Meaning in Art
  • Unit 6: Connecting Art to Our Lives
  • Unit 7: Form in Architecture
  • Unit 8: Art and Identity
  • Unit 9: Art and Power
  • Unit 10: Art and Ritual Life
  • Unit 11: Art and Ethics

Your final grade will be based on the following breakdown. Please note that each instructor may choose to make modifications. The total equals 600 points

  • 5 Tests (30 Points each) - 150 Points
  • 6 Discussions (15 Point each) - 90 Points
  • 6 Assignments (10 Points each) - 60 Points
  • Midterm - 100 Points
  • Final Exam - 100 Points
  • Project - 100 Points
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