Course Descriptions

Intermediate Spanish II - SPAN 2002


This course focuses on listening, speaking, and reading and writing skills in Spanish in an introduction to literature and within a cultural context.

Name Office Phone Email
Mary Barnard University of North Georgia
Forrest Blackbourn Dalton State College
Edris Brannen Valdosta State University
Darren Broome Gordon State College
Maria Calatayud University of North Georgia
Myung Choi Georgia Gwinnett College
Elizabeth Dahms University of West Georgia
LaSonia Espino Clayton State University
James Fenton Gardner University of North Georgia
Bridgette Gunnels Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
David Hair University of North Georgia
Tiffany Haymore University of North Georgia
Nicolas Hu University of North Georgia
Kyle Lawton University of North Georgia
Rosaria Meek University of North Georgia
Lisa Noetzel College of Coastal Georgia
Teresa Perez-Gamboa University of Georgia
Stacey Powell University of West Georgia
Matthew Putman University of North Georgia
Genevieve Sesterhenn Albany State University
Mariana Stone University of North Georgia

Credit Hours


  • See your home institution's prerequisite requirement.

Free Textbook

  • Open educational resources (OER)

Course Equivalency

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend oral and written forms and communicate on a variety of topics in Spanish. To achieve this level of communication, students must be able to negotiate Spanish in all major time frames, and must possess the grammatical and cultural skills to function in basic daily situations, to give short descriptions of objects, people, and places, to express feelings, and to present a simple opinion.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of their languages and cultures in relation to the practices, products, and perspectives of the culture(s) of Spanish speaking countries.
  • Reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through Spanish.
  • Show evidence of enrichment through an authentic experience in Spanish.

This course is designed to provide you with the best online learning experience possible. The content is presented in a variety of formats including online content, multimedia tutorials, quizzes and opportunities for interaction with other students and the instructor.

There are five (5) Lessons in this course:

  • Lesson 6: La naturaleza

  • Lesson 7: La tecnología y la ciencia

  • Lesson 8: La economía y el trabajo

  • Lesson 9: La cultura popular y los medios de comunicación

  • Lesson 10: La literatura y el arte

Each Lesson is divided into modules based on topic. Be sure to progress through these modules in order. You will have the following in each lesson:

  • Overview

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar

  • Assessments

Your vocabulary and grammar modules each contain instructional material, practice opportunities, and homework assignments. You have three attempts for the homework assignments. The assessments module contains the overall lesson assessments. These include discussion activities, voice boards, self assessments, and your main lesson quiz

Your final grade will be based on the following breakdown. Please note that each instructor may choose to make modifications.


  • Midterm Exam Interview - 10%
  • Final Project - 9%
  • Final Exam Interview - 10%

Assignments and Participation

  • Video Quizzes - 5%
  • Homework Quizzes - 20%
  • Practice Quizzes - 5%
  • Lesson Quizzes - 20%
  • Video Boards - 10%
  • Discussion Boards - 10%
  • Attendance Verification - 1%

You are required to have access to a headset (headphones and mic) or headphones/speakers and microphone to create audio recordings in some of your assignments.

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