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Theatre Appreciation - THEA 1100


A study of theatre as a collaborative art form, from script to performance. Includes historical background, the roles of various persons involved both on and off stage, and the importance of both the performance space and the audience.

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Masoud Nourizadeh Gordon State College

Credit Hours


  • See your home institution's prerequisite requirement.

Free Textbook

  • Open educational resources (OER)

Course Equivalency

In this course, students will:

  • Exhibit an increased understanding of the various roles and responsibilities in theatre production: playwright, director, stage manager, designer, and actors
  • Be able to demonstrate competency in dramatic analysis and plot structure through script study and virtual theatre performance
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of theatre etiquette
  • Be able to define and describe the art of double consciousness as it relates to the theatre actor
  • Be able to identify distinct types of stage and performance spaces
  • Unit 1: Creating a World
  • Unit 2: The Professional Actor
  • Unit 3: The Director
  • Unit 4: Set & Costume Design
  • Unit 5: Lighting Design
  • Unit 6: Genre
  • Unit 7: Shakespeare

Your final grade will be based on the following breakdown. Please note that each instructor may choose to make modifications.

  • Forthcoming

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