Course Descriptions

World Literature I - ENGL 2111


A survey of important works of world literature from ancient times through the mid-seventeenth century.

Name Office Phone Email
Erin Andersen University of North Georgia
Caitlin Anderson Albany State University
Pamela Arlov Middle Georgia State University
Andrew Attana University of North Georgia
Krista Attana University of North Georgia
Jennifer Barfield Valdosta State University
Brittney Beth Baxter University of West Georgia
Aimee Berger
Rob Bleil College of Coastal Georgia
Frank Brevik Savannah State University
Leverett Butts University of North Georgia
Ruth Caillouet Clayton State University
Joshua Commander University of North Georgia
Micheal Crafton University of North Georgia
Rhonda Crombie Middle Georgia State University
Christopher Curran University of North Georgia
Lennet Daigle University of North Georgia
Michael J. Davey Valdosta State University
Kim Davidson University of North Georgia
Rachel Dean-Ruzicka Georgia Institute of Technology
Laine Derr University of North Georgia
Jason Dew Georgia State University
Anna Dewart College of Coastal Georgia
Lorraine Dubuisson Middle Georgia State University
Diana Edelman University of North Georgia
Jonathan Elmore Savannah State University
Patrick Erben University of West Georgia
Chad Faries Savannah State University
Nathanael Gilbert Middle Georgia State University
Barbara Goodman Clayton State University
Wendy Grisham University of West Georgia
Cortney Grubbs-McLeod Gordon State College
Nat Hardy University of North Georgia
Jenna Harte University of West Georgia
Emily Hipchen University of West Georgia
Anna Holloway Fort Valley State University
Angela Insenga University of West Georgia
Annliss Jordan East Georgia State College
Rhonda Kelley South Georgia State College
Alan Keith Kelly Georgia Gwinnett College
Jeff Kozee Georgia Highlands College
Christian Kraus East Georgia State College
Elizabeth Kuipers Albany State University
Betty LaFace Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Karmen Lenz Middle Georgia State University
Michael Lewis Savannah State University
Jessica Lindberg Georgia Highlands College
Lisa Lishman University of North Georgia
Jade Loicano University of West Georgia
Beyza Lorenz University of North Georgia
Mary Mears Middle Georgia State University
Dustin Michael Savannah State University
Joseph Milford Georgia Highlands College
Phillip Mitchell University of North Georgia
Derrilyn Morrison Middle Georgia State University
Clay Morton Middle Georgia State University
David Mulry College of Coastal Georgia
Neesha Navare-Michael University of North Georgia
Matthew Paproth Georgia Gwinnett College
Tim Payne University of West Georgia
Robert Pfeiffer Clayton State University
Lydia Postell Dalton State College
Rachael Price Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Kokila Ravi Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Brian Ray Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Karen Redding University of North Georgia
Pete Rorabaugh Kennesaw State University
Virginia Russell Georgia Southern University
Jesse Russell Georgia Southwestern State University
Kevin Scott Albany State University
Matthew Sherling University of West Georgia
Nancy Sherrod archive
Amanda Shoemake University of West Georgia
Stephanie Short University of North Georgia
Frederick Shorter Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
Laura Thomason Middle Georgia State University
Doug Thomson Georgia Southern University
Shane Trayers Middle Georgia State University
Barbara Warren Valdosta State University
Ashleigh Whelan University of North Georgia
Kathy Whitaker East Georgia State College
Frank Williams Savannah State University
Paul Wise University of West Georgia
Helen Wishart Valdosta State University

Credit Hours


  • See your home institution's prerequisite requirement.

Free Textbook

  • Open educational resources (OER)

Course Equivalency

After completing this course, you will be able to

  • Extend reading, writing, and critical thinking skills developed in ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102.
  • Develop a perspective on the variety of world cultures from ancient times through the early-modern period to understand how these cultures developed and how their ideas contributed to and still inform contemporary cultures.
  • Recognize the range of literary genres and conventions as well as the levels of sophistication of literary masterpieces coming from different cultures.
  • Analyze and evaluate literary works in their social, historical, and cultural context.
  • Compare and contrast the characteristics of literary works emerging from various cultures and times in order to recognize common human values and beliefs.
  • Investigate the effect literature, as a technology, has had on the history of ideas and aesthetics.
  • Engage technology and media effectively in the learning process.
  • Participate as an effective member in a collaborative online community.
  • Unit 1: Introduction to the Course and Gilgamesh
  • Unit 2: Ramayana
  • Unit 3: The Odyssey
  • Unit 4: Shahnameh
  • Unit 5: Inferno
  • Unit 6: Sundiata
  • Unit 7: Popul Vuh

Your final grade will be based on the following breakdown. Please note that each instructor may choose to make modifications.

  • Attendance - 1%
  • Discussions (Main) - 50%
  • Plagiarism & Unit Quizzes - 20%
  • Other Writing Assignments / Essays - 19%
  • Major Project - 10%

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