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Live Proctoring by SmarterServices is a live online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam from home or other private, quiet, enclosed location. This is a great option for Chromebook users as it is compatible with Chromebooks.

You will be required to present a government or college issued photo identification at the time of your exam.

Technical Requirements
  1. A Windows PC running Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11 (Windows RT is not supported).
  2. Or a Mac computer running macOS El Capitan 10.11 or later.
  3. Or a Chromebook running the latest version of ChromeOS.
  4. The latest version of Google Chrome.
  5. A microphone connected to your computer. Built-in microphones are also permitted.
  6. A webcam connected to your computer. Built-in webcams are also permitted.
  7. Headphones are NOT permitted. You must have external speakers connected to your computer or built-in such as laptop speakers.
  8. You can test your compatibility using the SmarterServices System Check.
  9. Cell phones and tablets are NOT permitted.
  1. Navigate to your GoVIEW course.
  2. Click Assessments from the course homepage.
  3. Click Proctored Exam.
  4. Review the Proctored Exam Overview Information page.
  5. Click Register Now.
  6. Click Choose a Proctor.
  7. Choose Live Proctoring by SmarterServices option. Please check your compatibility using the SmarterServices System Check.
  8. Choose the day and time that works best for you.

Video guide on how to register for your proctored exam
  1. Navigate to your GoVIEW course.
  2. From the course homepage, find the widget (under Announcements or along the right side of the page) that says Click Here for Proctored Exams OR Click Assessments at the top of the page, then Proctored Exam.
  3. Click the green connect to virtual session button. From this page, you will see a green Start Session button that will appear right before your scheduled exam start time. You will click that to connect with your proctor.

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