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Proctored Exams FAQs

Questions Regarding Scheduled Appointments

The address for the testing center with which you scheduled your appointment will be listed on your registration receipt. This registration receipt is sent to your campus email account when you complete your registration. You will need to travel to that location to take your exam. Please plan to arrive for your appointment a few minutes early to allow for parking and check-in at the testing center. If you have not yet paid for your session, make sure you are prepared to make your payment upon arrival. Upon check-in, the testing center will verify your ID and go over the exam details/rules.

Make sure you know your GoVIEW username and password so you can log in to take your exam once you are seated at a computer in the testing center. Navigate to GoVIEW and log in. To access your exam, navigate to Assessments -> Quizzes -> Select the link in the Quiz List for your proctored exam (it will say Proctored Midterm Exam or Proctored Final Exam). If you have questions about this, please contact the eCore testing coordinators at 678-839-5300 or email us at

  1. Government issued photo ID (i.e. driver's license, passport, current school ID, etc.)
  2. Any materials authorized for use during the exam by your instructor (scratch paper, pencil, etc.)
  3. GoVIEW username and password

Some professors may allow their students to bring additional permitted resources (e.g. notes, scratch paper, calculator etc.) to their proctored exam. This decision is made by individual instructors at the beginning of each term. To see if you are allowed any permitted resources for your proctored exam, please follow the steps below:

From your course homepage in GoVIEW:

Click Assessments -> Proctored Exam -> Register Now. You will find your permitted items listed on this page.

No, you will need to schedule an appointment with a proctor and be prepared to take your exam at your scheduled appointment time. When scheduling an appointment to take your proctored exam, you are reserving a specific time with your proctor and your proctor will have set aside some of their resources to accommodate you at that specific time. This works the same as any other type of appointment you are accustomed to (Medical, etc). Failure to show up on time for your proctored exam appointment may result in you needing to reschedule for a different date/time. Testing locations that have reached capacity may not have the flexibility to reschedule your exam, meaning you may need to locate another proctoring option. Other penalties for failing to show up on time your appointment, such as forfeiture of paid proctoring fees, are at the discretion of your proctor. Please be courteous to your proctor and show up 10 – 15 minutes early, if possible, and do not be late. Be proactive and make sure you understand the exact location of your proctoring session and have all of your needed materials ready so that you are prepared to arrive on time.

Please contact the eCore testing coordinators at 678-839-4900 or so we can check your appointment status and provide information concerning your next steps.

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