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  1. You must test in a private, enclosed space (not a computer lab, library, or other public space).
  2. No one is allowed to enter the room in which you are testing for the duration of your exam.
  3. You must test on a Windows PC or Mac that has a working webcam and microphone – Chromebooks are not supported.
  4. You must have the Guardian Web Browser installed on your computer. All other browsers are not supported.
  5. The proctor will require you to present a valid, government-issued ID (driver's license, etc.).
  6. You must be testing using a very reliable, high-speed internet connection. Cell phone hotspots are not acceptable. If your connection with ProctorU drops, you are responsible for getting connected back with them to resume your exam. We cannot reconnect you.
  7. You cannot have any other programs running in the background. When asked by the proctor if you can shut down any unauthorized program or process, you must agree.
  8. The proctor is authorized to maintain the integrity of the exam by requesting additional room scans or other steps during your exam if they suspect something with regard to your testing environment has changed. The time to do this will take time away from your exam which cannot be added back.
See below for ProctorU Technical Requirements:
Internet Connection Wifi Connection Wired Connection
PC Users Windows 10 (Windows 10 S mode is not supported) Windows 10 (10 S mode is not supported)
Mac Users MacOS 10.13 (Oldest Still Maintained Version) MacOS 10.15
CPU more than 2 core CPU
ess than 85% CPU Usage
more than 4 core CPU
less than 50% CPU Usage
Webcam 640x480 resolution 1280x720 resolution
Internet Download Speed 1 Mbps 12 Mbps
Internet Upload Speed 1 Mbps 3 Mbps
less than 95% Ram Usage
16 GB
less than 90% Usage
Connectivity Ports 1935, 843, 80, 443, 61613, UDP/TCP 1935, 843, 80, 443, 61613, UDP/TCP
Screen Resolution 1366 x 768 1920 x 1080 and above
Chromebook Users (Only available for Record+ service utilizing the ProctorU Chrome or Firefox extension) Chrome device is running the latest version of Chrome OS Chrome device is running the latest version of Chrome OS

For more information, please visit the ProctorU Equipment Requirements

ProctorU also provides a tool where you can test your equipment, prior to registering.

  1. Navigate to your GoVIEW course.
  2. Click Assessments from the course homepage.
  3. Click Proctored Exam.
  4. Review the Proctored Exam Overview Information page.
  5. Click Register Now.
  6. Click Choose a Proctor.
  7. Choose ProctorU – ProctorU is a live online proctoring service that allows you to take your exam from home or other private, quiet, enclosed locations. Perform a system test before scheduling:
  8. If the system test is successful, click the Schedule button.

Video guide on how to register for your proctored exam
  1. Navigate to your GoVIEW course.
  2. From the course homepage, find the widget (under Announcements or along the right side of the page) that says Click Here for Proctored Exams OR Click Assessments at the top of the page, then Proctored Exam.
  3. Scroll down on the Proctored Exam Landing Page to a green block that reads “How Do I Access My Exam in ProctorU?” Follow the instructions in that section to begin your exam with ProctorU.

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